Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Sewing Room

Today is a Snow Day!!!
It started snowing around 4am and all the schools have been cancelled, including the Miller Homeschool!  I LOVE when it snows.  It's exciting and pretty.  I try to cancel all plans.  I turn on the fireplace, light my candle and bake something.  Today it was banana muffins.  We pulled out the Christmas DVD's (the kids watched Christmas with the Kranks...a classic) and played some Christmas music.

I have been very intentional about making time for my sewing room lately.
It seems to start on Friday night.
We are in a "season" where our Friday nights are spent at home.  Which I love.
So, after we put all our "school" stuff away, pick up the house, have dinner, and clean up the kitchen...I pull out a sewing project.  My focus has been one "design" per month.
So, at the beginning of September, I decided to use up all of my fleece and make
Fleece Neck Gators.
I have been selling these on our local Facebook Garage Sale site as well as in my Etsy shop.
For October, I decided to make Hot Rice/Lavender Bags out of some flannel that I had purchased last year.  I have been selling these in the same two places.
If you want to make a Rice Bag of your instructions from last year are here.
This year I just added 1/3 cup of lavender and changed the dimensions to 7 x 16".
I had a whole storage tub of fleece!
Whatever I don't sell or give away by January 1st, I'll donate.
If you want to make your own...
Just cut a piece of fleece in a 10 x 21" rectangle.
Be sure that the long edge goes with the stretch!  That way it stretches as you pull it over your head.
Stitch the seam right sides together and then top stitch it for reinforcement.
I also worked on a pattern for a little top out of some of my favorite black fabric.
It turned out OK.  I need to do some tweaks to it, but I will still wear it as is and I'll snap a photo once I do.  
I was brainstorming what I wanted to work on for November...
I decided on Upcycled Sweater Infinity Scarves.
I made two on Friday night with sweaters from around our house...hee hee.
I hope nobody misses them.
I'm on the hunt for more sweaters, and when I find them, I'll be cutting and sewing like crazy!
Hoping to list a batch of those by December 1st.
I also did a fun little project with one of Matt's old flannel shirts.
I got two outfits out of it that I'll show you next month.
One of the outfits got rave reviews...
and one of the outfits got looks and no comments.  I don't think that one went over as well.
I may wear that outfit again and see how it goes...we'll see.
I'll share those photos next month!

Be looking for my next post later this week...a fun recipe!

Comments are welcome...

XOXO Tiffany

"I looked at the small luminous face of the orchid for help, but like all orchids, she was entirely self-involved, enwrapped in her own beauty."  Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos

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