Saturday, January 24, 2015

From the Sewing Room

"From the Sewing Room" is where I'll share what I've been working on lately...
in my sewing room.
January has been a slow month as far as sewing time is concerned.
So, I thought I would share what I've done the last few months, and hopefully I'll have something fun and exciting to share in February!
I made Daisy a superhero tutu for Halloween.
I shared a few things here.
I also hemmed 6 pairs of jeans.
 Then, I grabbed one of Matt's old flannels that he was "thinking" of getting rid of,
and chopped it up a bit.  I'm pretty sure he's resigned to the fact that he won't be wearing this flannel again.  On the left is a top from my closet about to get a make-over.
 A skirt and a new top.
 I think they turned out pretty cute!
 I also gathered up all of our old sweaters and started making scarves.
Then I made a quick stop at Goodwill to purchase some more.
These were fun...I still have a few left in my Etsy Shop!
As I was going through my flannel fabric stash, I made about 
45 Hot Rice/Lavender Cozies out of all the printed fabric, and then I made the girls some 
ruffled pillow cases with the white cotton flannel.
 My Book Club hosted our First Annual Gift Exchange, and it was the most thoughtful and wonderful gift exchange that any of us had ever done!
There are 9 of us in Book Club (though one is in Puerto Rico for the year),
and each of us were to bring a gift for everyone, keeping it around the $5 range.
I planned ahead (for once!) and made 9 of these little totes back in September.
Everyone went home with a tote filled with goodies!
 After our Book Club party...
I got 7 orders for totes!
The last thing I should have been doing in December was making a bunch of totes,
but it was so much fun!
I still have 7 days left in the month, but as of now, I haven't sewn a thing.
I did however take a girls trip to NYC and got majorly inspired!
 I'd like to make some more denim totes and I really want to get into quilting!
We stayed with a friend from high school and he introduced us to Indian kantha quilts.
More on that in a future post.
 As I was peeking through my sewing photos from the last few months,
I came across this mirror pic that I took with my girls in Minneapolis last fall.
I'm thankful that they're not really doubles, because those two singles are more than enough for one mama to handle!  #ilovethemtobits
 Next post...books.

Have a great weekend!
And don't forget to enjoy a day of rest!

XOXO Tiffany

"We've seen that faith teaching occurs best in the daily flow of life - from the living examples of parents who are modeling it."
Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony

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