Saturday, January 17, 2015

Simple Meal Planning

 I'm always on a quest to make meal planning simpler.
I think I'm on to something with this plan.
Here's what I do...
On Saturday or Sunday:
1.  Select 5 dinners for the coming week + one homemade dessert
2.  Make a list of ingredients to pick up
 On Monday:
1.  Go to the store

I keep a little list of our 5 meals for the week, and then each morning, I decide what would be an appropriate dinner for that evening (based on how much time I have).
I like to do some of the dinner prep work in the morning.
Like, make rice, or prep veggies.
 Then, on an evening when I'm not driving kids around, I'll make a dessert.

I always have the ingredients on hand to make our favorite breakfasts:
buttermilk waffles, breakfast burritos, buttermilk pancakes, smoothies, or yogurt and granola.

And lunch is either leftovers from the previous dinner, or something simple like:
ham and lettuce roll-ups, nachos, toasted peanut butter and jelly, or salami/cheese/crackers.
I've started putting all of my favorite recipes on these 5 1/2 x 8" cards.
I really like the size of them, and also, its easy to gather 5 cards + 1 dessert card for the week.
I'm doing this project in batches.

Last week my 5 meals were:
2.  Tacos (hard and soft shell)
3.  Turkey Wild Rice Soup + french bread
4.  Fettuccini Alfredo w/ Grilled Chicken + Caesar Salad
5.  Hawaiian Sandwiches + Chips + Carrots/Dip

We're planning on eating at home Monday-Friday.
Weekends will be for leftovers, pizza, take-out, or eating out.
As in, I'm taking the weekends off.
You might have noticed on my Instagram, the boys made breakfast last Saturday:).

Let me know what you do for menu planning!

XOXO Tiffany

"He made a fire in the wood stove, put water on to boil, fried some bacon, and made some coffee."
The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown
(this is one of the best books I have ever read)

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