Saturday, March 7, 2015

5 Things

Mocha from Doughnut Plant in NYC
Reading, sewing, crocheting, and drinking coffee...
are all things that I enjoy in my free time.
Reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and watching a few good TV shows, are another little treat when I find the time.

When I want to read a blog, I go to Bloglovin', and these are the ones that I can't wait to read:
1.  We Are That Family (a family blog + being a world changer)
2.  Life in Grace (recipes + life)
3.  Lovely Little Kitchen (recipes)
4.  Chatting at the Sky (life)
5.  Modern Mrs. Darcy (books + life)

When I want to listen to a Podcast (like every morning on the treadmill or if I find myself alone in the car), I listen to these:
1.  The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (life + books)
2.  Inspired to Action (mom inspiration)
3.  Read Aloud Revival (books books and more books + reading to your kids)
4.  Hopeologie (family + life)
5.  How They Blog (blog tips)
**I listen on my iPhone using the Podcast App.

When I want to watch TV, I watch these shows:
1.  Downton Abbey (PBS)
2.  Big Family Renovation (HGTV) (Jen Hatmaker + Austin)
3.  Project Runway (or Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime)  *my favorite show ever
4.  Amazing Race (CBS)
5.  Cops (this is a new thing that we all watch with MJ...highly addictive...on Spike TV)
**honorable mention...Parenthood (NBC)

What is your favorite Blog, Podcast, and/or TV show?
Donuts with Kelly at the Doughnut Plant in NYC January 2015
Have a great weekend!


"There were two hard-boiled egg sandwiches, and two cheese sandwiches, and two with some kind of paste in them".  The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

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