Tiffy's Kitchen

I really love to cook.  I read cookbooks like they're a novel, highlighting the recipes that I can't wait to try.  I have files filled with recipes ripped out of magazines that I'm just sure I'll get to some day.  While my family doesn't have any food allergy's to contend with, I really try to cook with "real" foods.  We rarely eat out, and almost NEVER eat fast food...only in a pinch which occurs about once a month.  We order pizza about twice a month.  My goal is to find easy to make, healthy snacks to have on hand for my kids.  I would love to cut out pre-packaged snacks all together.  Slowly but surely, I would like to only buy items with 5 or less ingredients on the package.  On this page, I'll share the links to all my favorite recipes.  These recipes have all been made by me and approved by my family!  Have fun in the kitchen!  And remember...
All things in moderation!



Breakfast at Tiffany's: